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More than just payments

Pay, Connect, and Explore your community in a single app.

Easy Money Transfers

Easy Money Transfers

$0 transactions payment platform for users to transfer, receive and collect money instantly.
Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

Messaging platform for users to send messages, voice messages and video calls easily.
Private Control

Private Control

End-to-end encryption that keeps your personal information, messages and payment data secure.
Micro eCommerce

Micro eCommerce

eCommerce for small businesses to manage orders and provide customer service.

Send money instantly

We make it simple to transfer money to anyone who uses HelloChat. Enjoy sending money through HelloChat with $0 transaction fees and unlimited transactions.

Speak freely

You can make FREE voice calls, video calls and send FREE messages whenever and wherever you are, 24 hours a day to your family & friends!

Split the necessities

When you send the request, HelloChat helps you split bills. Your friends simply tap to pay, and the funds will be deposited into your wallet instantly.

Get instant notifications

No matter if you pay, send, receive, or collect money from a friend or make a purchase from a merchant, you will get an instant notification in your wallet so you can easily keep track of all your money.

Pay without a wallet

We give you a simple, no-contact way to pay. Each business has a unique QR code so you just use your smartphone to scan, pay, and go.

Cash-in & cash-out with no fees

Move money between HelloChat and your bank account, so your cash is exactly where you want it, when you want it.
No hidden fees
It costs nothing to send or receive money using what’s in your HelloChat wallet or bank account.
No Monthly fees
HelloChat does not charge any fees for sending money from a linked bank account, debit card, or your HelloChat account.
A Smart Way to Pay

Pay With HelloChat

Easy Pay

Pay in apps & online

Use HelloChat for in-app purchases and online shopping. Pay at more places you love.

Easy Shop

Shop Local

Make purchases at local businesses with HelloChat.

Start to Pay, Connect, and Explore your community in a single app.

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